Got Game?

Formally known as Trend


Sports, you like them????? perfect, write for us!!

Sports, that's what we're interest in. Sports you play, sports you watch, or sports you've never even heard of. We like to hear about all of them all. Sports is a highly participated and competitive subject here at Saline High. We would like to hear stories of the sports you play or one day aspire to play. Why do you play the game you do? What is the draw and what keeps you going day in and day out. Don’t play any sports? That's fine, tell us about your favorite sport to watch. Maybe you played backyard football as a kid with your neighbors? Tell us about it! We want all sorts of stories about your favorite moments in the game you love! Look for our special Saline category specifically related to all and any sports Saline!

Contact us if your interested for writting for us. All sports experiences and stories/moments are acceptable. DON'T HESITATE TO WRITE!!! (Run by Ethan Walsh, Kirstin Kortberg, and Sofi kucinskas)