The Sigler Voice

Amplifying the Voices of #SiglerNation Volume 2 Issue 12

The Sigler Voice

The Sigler Voice is a weekly newsletter to our Sigler Community amplifying the voices of our students and teachers. Want to know what is taking place within the halls and classrooms of Sigler Elementary? Look no further. Our students and teachers are going to share it here.


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1st Grade

2nd Grade

Second Grade has been hard at work engineering their catapults! The Lemonade War was such an inspiration to us and it led us into a school-wide competition! It has been a fun week to be a second grader.
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Fun Filled Week!

4th Grade

5th Grade

In Science, we have been studying weather and climate, so this week our Wonder News: Weather Edition focuses on weather and climate from real schools around the country!

Stay tuned for more Wonder News after Spring Break!