Tiger Tidbits: March Edition

Instructional Strategies and Resources at Your Fingertips

If...Then...Curriculum: Conferring Ideas from Units of Study Writing

Are you looking for a great resource for conferring to use with your growing writers? Did you know that the If...Then...Curriculum book from the Units of Study has a section filled with conferring scenarios? Be sure to check it out as you continue to support your writers across all genres of writing!

Everyday Mathematics Virtual Learning Community

Looking for some additional resources and tools to support you in your Everyday Math instruction? Have you checked out the Virtual Learning Community yet?

  • It's FREE!
  • Aligns with the Mathematical Practices
  • Provides Online PD/Webinars in Math instruction
  • Online lessons
  • Printable resources (including assessment and differentiation)
  • Lesson tutorials and learning galleries
  • Student work samples

And much more! Check it out today!

UbD-Stage 2: GRASPS Model for Performance Tasks

Do you remember the GRASPS Model?

G: real world goal
R: a meaningful role for the student
A: an authentic (or simulated) audience
S: contextualized situation that involves real-world application
P: student-centered culminating products and performances
S: the performance standards (criteria) for judging success

TIP: Save GRASPS tasks for most important transfer goals and understandings (usually 1 authentic task per major unit of study).

See the example of GRASPS in the picture below! (Wiggins, McTighe 2012)
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I-High Five: Teacher Highlight of the Month

This month's I-High Five goes to ALL of the Learning Showcase participants from Noble Crossing! This includes Jessica Homan, who received a 3rd-5th Spotlight Award as an Innovative Teacher of the Year. Congrats!! See the photos below from the Learning Showcase! #MillershiftLS15
  • Genius Hour-Jill Maynard and Kristie Cassidy
  • Green Screen-Gina Mertens and Lauren Smith
  • Maker Spaces-Jessica Homan
  • Coding in the Elementary Grades-Shannon Kastenschmidt

Photo credit @MBRileyNCE
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