The Carolina Parakeet

Bring us back! Bring us back! Bring us back! Bring us back!

Why should we be revived?

  1. We were the only parrot species native to Eastern America.
  2. We were killed by farmers, just because we were hungry.
  3. We were very compassionate pets.
  4. The only damage we did to the Earth was minor, we just ate from the small-scale garden plots.

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What would be done after Caroline Parakeet were revived?

Once we revive Caroline Parakeet we have to make sure they don't go extinct again!

First we would keep them in a zoo until they mate and there is enough of them so we can release them back to their old environment where they could adapt to any changes that there has been since they went extinct in 1904, but one important thing that we would make sure of would be that the farmers don't kill them again. We would tell them to cover their crops and get scarecrows so the parakeets would stay alive.

We would also suggest/sell these lovely parakeets to lonely people for social presence in their home since they are considered very friendly and "social".