Hybrid ROVS

Ocean Technology

Why you should buy it

You should buy this product because you can find out all sorts of information about the deep ocean and the life and species down there and if you don't wanna find information you can just have fun and switch to the remote control and drive the hybrid around.

Have you ever wondered how so many fish have been discovered. Have you ever wanted to go deep in the ocean well with this product you can now discover whats in the deep ocean.You can see what you found in the ocean and study it with your pictures and surroundings.

It can go down deeper than humans can because the pressure is to high for us to with stand.

Limitations of The HROV Nereus

The limitation of the hybrid is that it can only go the distance of the optical cord so if you wanted to go further you would have to move the boat as well as the hybrid and can not trap of pick up anything.It is also 10,000 dollars a day to rent. When you buy the machine you also need to buy a big boat that will hold the Hybrid up and a crew to help out with the cautions of the machine.