Bobby Jones

By: Peyton Gibson

Bobby's Life

Bobby Jones was born on March 17, 1902 in Atlanta Georgia. At a young age Bobby spent most of his time at the country club with his dad and he was there alot. Bobby's profession was that he is a golfer and he was one of the youngest golfers in america. He won 3 major championships and he also started playing golf at the age of 5. Later in his life he made movies for his golf swing and how good he was at golf and taught people everything he knew. Also Bobby has his own brand of golf equipment that still exists to this day and is considered a good use of equipment. During his golf career Bobby worked in a firm for his dad and as a side job Bobby was also a lawyer, So he was considered a wealthy man at this point in history. Bobby was very famous in the 1920's for all the special things he did in the golf world considering his age because he was very young and was beating guys alot older than him and he was winning tournament after tournament and he also won alot of championships, Including 3 major championships. Bobby was also considered a "Sports Hero" back in the 1920's because alot of people knew about him and his achievements. He also won the southern amateur championship and was a runner up in both Canada and U.S open, which is very good because he was very young when he tried of both of those things. Bobby Jones died on December 18th, 1971. Bobby Jones lived to be 69 years old, Bobby Jones died of Syringomyelia, That is a damage to his spinal cord and what it is, is that a cyst forms on his spinal cords that gets bigger and it expands and widens, and it just destroys the part of the spinal cord it is on which causes weakness in arms and legs and stiffness of the back and long severe pains. But Bobby Jones lived a very fantastic life and was full of wealth and one of the greatest golfers even to this day. He also co founded the Masters Tournament which is to this day one of the most prestigious things to win as a golfer in this day and age. For college bobby also intended Emory University, Emory University School of Law, Harvard university, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Bobby Jones Contributions

Bobby Jones's Family

He had 2 daughters and a son. The daughters names were, Mary Ellen Jones, Clara Jones, and the sons name was Robert Tyre Jones III. He also had a wife and her name was Mary Rice Malone. His dads name was Robert Purmedus Jones.
Bobby Jones 1930 Golf Swing Analysis 16mm CinePost Restoration

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Bobby Jones had a huge part in changing the 1920's. He inspired people to go chase their dreams and do big things with their life as he did. He changed the golf world and he is still known as one of the best golfers ever to this day.