Planning Farewells

The Official Newsletter of Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Spring 2015

Serving the Needs of the Departed and Loved Ones

Director Stephen Jacobs - Here at Eternal Rest, we've strived to deliver what families need in the most difficult of times. Talk to us, and we'll help guide the final journey of the dearly departed. We're proud to announce that our new chapel will be complete before July of 2015.

Individual Needs

Consider these things for the funeral of a loved one:

  • Has your loved one shown any preferences for the funeral?
  • Will it be a cremation or burial?
  • What would you consider to be the best ways to make this something your loved one would personally like?

If you can, planning your own funeral may make a sad time much easier for your loved ones to bear (Aurora Casket Company, Inc., 2003). We recommend visiting the resource below to learn about what you can do ahead of a difficult time.

Additionally, Everplans are invaluable for giving loved ones exactly what they'll need, including wills and your preferences (Beyondly, Inc., 2014a). We highly recommend visitng the Everplans site.

The Family

This probably isn't an easy topic for any family to discuss, since it concerns a great loss, yet discussion could be very helpful (Aurora Casket Company, Inc., 2003). It's also ideal to keep children informed about impending deaths of parents, to make things easier for them (Leming & Dickinson, 2011).

Have you:
  • Discussed what your family members would prefer for the funeral of one of your own?
  • Helped prepare them?
  • Involved them in the planning process?

Family members may give eulogies, or you may choose other speakers (Beyondly, Inc., 2014b). What would each member of your family prefer?


Beyondly's Everplans offers a helpful list of things to consider for a funeral, such as who will lead the funeral, the role of religion, what kind of music would be appropriate, if any would be, and they note that your communities preferences should be considered as you make your plans (2014b).

Religion is often a focus of a funeral, though it's not a requirement (Beyondly, Inc., 2014b). What would be most suitable, based on the culture, beliefs and community of your loved one?

Financial Considerations

All funeral providers charge a basic services fee, which includes planning and communicating with the place you want your loved one to rest in (Federal Trade Commission, 2012). You might also need transportation, and you may need to decide if you want embalming, or if you your loved one's casket will come from us or another provider (Federal Trade Commission, 2012). There's a good deal to consider, and we're here to help. We can also suggest visiting the Federal Trade Commission's website for full details on these considerations.
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We're Here to Help

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