Counseling in the Middle

6th Grade at Hazelwood West

Making Connections

Mr. Berry's Schedule

Monday, March 10

7:30 - LC Discipline Hearing

2nd Block:

3rd Block:

4th Block: My Lunch (11:35)

6th Grade Lunch: Duty

Academic Excellence:

6th Block:

Tuesday, March 11

2nd Block: Wonder-filled Boys Group (Spotanski)

3rd Block: Evaluation with Dr. Brooks (9:30)

4th Block: My Lunch (11:35)

Academic Excellence: Girl Scouts BFF Program (Overfield Classroom)

Powerful Young Men (Mr. Berry's Office)

(The following students will be participating:

Wednesday, March 13

2nd Block:

3rd Block: Student Meeting (9:00)

Counselor PLC Meeting (9:30)

4th Block: Secret Society Boys Social Skills Group (Spotanski: 11:00-11:30)

My Lunch (11:35)

6th Grade Lunch: Lunch Bunch

Academic Excellence:

Thursday, March 14

2nd Block: Emotion Management Classroom Lesson (Social Studies)

3rd Block: Emotion Management Classroom Lesson (Social Studies)

4th Block: Emotion Management Classroom Lesson (Social Studies)

Academic Excellence: Ms. Cat's Self-Esteem Small Group

6th Block: Chase Cook Meeting (2:00 pm Ms. Overfield classroom)

Friday, March 15

Mental Health District Committee Meeting, Administration Building (10:30)

Middle School Problems

7th gr boy: Help my teacher hates me.

Counselor: Good news there is a book for that.

7th gr boy: I have to read? Never mind.

Ruby Payne Framework of Poverty

Knowledge of the Hidden Rules of Social Class

This past week, I had a conversation with one of our students about their concerns of safety in the neighborhood where they live. This conversation became a reminder, like many others I have had this past week and year. These conversations are examples of how I learn through the difficulties my students and families may face before they come to school each day.

Examples of the conversations this week included a student who found out indirectly that his father was sentenced to 30 years in prison, a student concerned that his older brother is carrying a gun now to protect himself, and one student spoke of being questioned to buy marijuana in his neighborhood and watching adults get high outside in their cars.

With this in mind, it brought me back to the work of Ruby Payne and the "Framework of Poverty". (This article gives suggestions for teachers when working with students from low-socio-economic households.)

I began to reflect on my own middle class biases and realizations that my students possibly have not been afforded the same opportunities that I have. Take time this week and complete the Questionnaire: Knowledge of the Hidden Rules of Social Class

Have a great week,

Mr. Berry

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