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"Personalizing Education" - January 2016

A Note from the Principal

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We ended the 2015 year with our wonderful holiday sing along, holiday parties, and other classroom activities that brought many smiles to our student's faces.

We want to thank all the parents who made the past month extra special by helping with the Tinsel Town event, contributing to our Stocking Stuffer Gift Giving, and helping with all the holiday activities.

Our Winter Concert was fabulous with a performance from our fourth and fifth grade students in band, chorus, and orchestra. The quality music program that Mr. Feher, Mrs. Gray, and Mrs. Werner provide is top-rated! This was clearly apparent by the outstanding evening performance for our Seylar families last month.

I hope we all have had an opportunity to reflect on the past year and begin to make new goals for 2016. I always look forward to hearing about the students’ New Year resolutions. In closing, I wish everyone continued happiness and joy in the coming new year.


Miles Roe

2015 Winter Concert

Penny Wars In January

Our annual Penny War fundraiser will run throughout the month of January. All grade levels will compete against each other in a Penny War. The grade level that accumulates the most pennies at the end of the month wins. This year students will be competing to have their Principal and Grade Level Teachers play Are You Smarter Than a ? Grader.

How to Play:

Bring in your pennies and nickels to earn money for our new playground equipment! Pennies add a point for your grade, nickels subtract 5 points for other grades. (No other coins will be counted).

2016-2017 Kindergarten Registration

The Pennridge School District is currently in the process of planning Kindergarten registration for the 2016-2017 school year. Information will be posted on the district website ( the first week of February for any resident with a child who will reach the age of 5 on or before August 31, 2016. If you, or someone you know, has a child that meets the age requirement, please direct them to the district website to complete the online registration process. Complete instructions will be available to you including when we will begin scheduling appointments for the March registration.

QR Coding in Grade 2

A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about a product or item. Mrs. Amary and Mrs. Demurat's second grade classrooms used this technology with their writing pieces last month.

Students recorded themselves reading their writing pieces into a microphone. Then, they "tagged" the audio recording file with a QR code, so it could be listened to by other students when scanned. When recording their writing pieces, students focused on reading fluency and expression. Way to Raise the Bar second graders!

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Seylar Elementary Supporting Families and Our Community

During the month of December, our students and staff were busy providing service and support for our community. Listed are some highlights.

  • Seylar Gift Giving Tree - Over $4000 in gifts and gift cards

  • Mrs. Jones' 5th graders gave up their holiday party in favor of a collection for Pennridge FISH.

  • Second graders created and delivered holiday cards to the Rockhill Mennonite Community.

  • Mrs. Rendler's class made holiday cards and collected items for Pennridge FISH.

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Holiday Sing

On Wednesday, December 23, all the students gathered in the gymnasium for our annual Holiday Sing. Our kindergarten and first grade classrooms performed their favorite holiday songs while other grade levels sung tunes with lots of spirit. In addition to singing, students watched videos of students being interviewed along with a funny rendition of Twas the Night Before Christmas by our staff (see below). Thank you, Mrs. Gray, for organizing this assembly for our students and families.
Twas the Night Before Christmas...Seylar Style!

Winter Benchmarking Assessments

During the week of January 11-15, all students in grades 1-5 will be taking our Linkit! Benchmark Assessments for Reading and Math. LinkIt! Benchmark assessments are tests administered to students three times a year (Fall, Winter, End of the Year) as a way of assessing/gauging where students stand in regards to their grasp of skills being taught in the classroom. These assessments are used by our staff to provide remediation and enrichment in the classroom. In addition, these assessments assist us with identifying students that need Reading and Math interventions provided by our Instructional Support Teacher and Reading Specialist.

If you have questions about these assessments or would like to know how your child performed, please contact their teacher.

A Message from Mrs. Kunakorn

Realistic Resolutions: Invite your kids to brainstorm some New Year’s family resolutions.

Try these tips:

  1. Set Goals Together. While your child can resolve to keep their room neater on their own, it is important to make resolutions that apply to everyone.
  2. Look Back At The Past Year. Identify areas you’d like to see improvement.
  3. Pick A Theme. Write down three areas that fit and consider these.
  4. Hold A Family Meeting. For 15 minutes each week, meet to discuss how things are going with your resolutions…and anything else.
  5. Be A Good Role Model. You can’t resolve to eat healthier and then let your kids catch you regularly with your hand in the cookie jar.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kunakorn (Guidance Counselor) at 215-257-6272 ext. 1006 or

Rasing the Bar with Mrs. Zanine

IMPROVING STYLE IN WRITING - There’s a simple way to encourage your child to learn and use more advanced vocabulary in his/her writing. First, make up a list of easy words that your child typically uses over and over in his/her writing. You can start with just a few words and add to the list as more over-used words are noticed. Our students have words such as big, fun, good, like, said, and went on their lists. We tell the students that these worn-out words are “off-limits” and must be replaced with more descriptive vocabulary in their writing assignments. Resources, such as a thesaurus, are a great way to generate word banks of better alternatives. If you don’t have a thesaurus, you can even find one online. Using words such as towering, amusing, splendid, cherish, exclaimed, and escaped instead of the worn-out list will begin to enhance the style in any student’s writing.

Study Island & First in Math Winners

The month of October has been busy mastering our Common Core Math and RELA Skills on Study Island. This web based program is used at school and can also be accessed at home. The winners will enjoy pretzels with the Principal. The winners for the month of November are as follows:


Classrooms Who Earned the Most Blue Ribbons:

Third Grade: Mrs. Samuels’ Class

Fourth Grade: Mrs. Raimo’s Class

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Groff’s Class

Students Who Received the Most Blue Ribbons - Third Grade:

Elizabeth Watts

Mackenzie Robinson

Jamie Begley

Zachary McGowan

Kylee Robinson

Domenico Propato

Zeke Lufkin

Patrick Kelly

Ashley Gane

Bella Falcone

Delaney Dodge

Alana Dinsmore

Isabella Clemens

Alisia Castle

Students Who Received the Most Blue Ribbons - Fourth Grade

Dominic Dragos

Allyson Lomax

Colin Moyer

Students Who Received the Most Blue Ribbons - Fifth Grade

Joey Roos

Jared Hess

Chelsea King


Classroom Who Earned the Most Stickers:

1st Grade: Mrs. Rendler's Class

2nd Grade: Mrs. Holtz's Class

Students Who Received the Most Stickers - Grade 1

Boden Arnold-Treanor

Andrew Dragos

Ariel Nunes

Students Who Received the Most Stickers - Grade 2:

Chloe Benner

Rocco Fanelli

Ryan Rowe

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Lost and Found

If your child is missing their coat, hat, gloves, etc., please have them look at our "lost and found rack" located by the cafeteria doors.

Dress for Winter Weather

Now that winter is upon us, please take time to prepare your children with the appropriate clothing for adverse weather conditions. Always prepare for outdoor recess and for standing outside waiting for the bus. Here are some tips for dressing warmly:

  • Dress in layers, with the innermost layer being a light weave fabric that can "breathe" allowing moisture to escape.
  • The middle layer should be wool or other material that can add warmth and provide insulation.
  • Wear an outer layer that protects from rain, snow, and wind.
  • Keep hands and feet warm with mittens or gloves and heavy shoes or boots.
  • Wear a hat! Body heat is lost (up to 50%!) in cold weather if no hat is worn.

Your children are outside at recess approximately 30 minutes each day. Getting fresh air, especially during the winter months, is important. When your children get dressed in the morning, keep in mind that they are not inside a warm building all day!

5th Grade Girls/Boys Basketball After School Program

Our annual basketball program will be coming soon (Feb-March) for all boys and girls in fifth grade. All games will be played after school. Games will begin at 4:00 pm and conclude at 5:00 pm. Further information will be forthcoming. Thank you Mr. Sukaly and Mr. Shaw.

iRun4Life Program Coming Back to Seylar!

We are so excited to announce that the iRun4Life program is coming back to Seylar this Spring! iRun4Life is a fun, non-competitive running program designed to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles with our children. The program focuses on exercise, healthy nutrition, and doing good deeds in our community. It was a huge success last year!

Training will start March 29th from 3:45-4:45 and run through May 14th. We will combine dynamic warm ups, relay races, endurance running, and discussions about healthy nutrition. Please contact Shannon Lelli with any questions or if you are interested in becoming a coach for this great program.

From the Nurse's Office

A New Year can mean New Healthy Habits...

  • January is a good time to embark on a healthy lifestyle after the overindulging that occurs during the holidays.

  • Make a move from refined grains to whole grains and add more fruits and vegetables to your child’s meals.

  • Encourage your child to move- maybe try some outdoor activities like sledding, ice skating, or skiing.

  • Get your child involved in some kind of fitness routine, something that he/she can do and enjoys. It could be martial arts, dancing, walking, swimming, or team sports.

  • Consider doing something together as a family and your child’s chances for success will be even greater. You will all be getting healthy while having fun together.

Electronic Device Reminder

With the holiday gift giving season underway, many students will be receiving wonderful electronic gadgets. We ask all parents to remind their child(ren) NOT to bring them into school per PSD Elementary Student Handbook page 7. Please see the link below to access the handbook.

School Closings Due to Inclement Weather

It is that time of year to provide information in the event of a school closing. Also included is the modified kindergarten schedule should a late opening be announced.

Please know that any decision to close school is made by the Superintendent and not by the individual schools. The decision to close early will only be made when faced with extreme weather conditions. Should school be dismissed early, your child will be sent home per directions listed on the Student Emergency Plan form that was completed in September.

WHEN THE DECISION TO CLOSE OR DELAY THE OPENING OF SCHOOL IS MADE, there are multiples ways you can be informed:

  1. School Closing Number 757: KYW News Radio 1060 and others (Refer to district calendar for a complete list of radio and television stations that will announce our school closings.)
  2. Pennridge Web Site: click on “Cancellations”
  3. You will receive a message from Blackboard Alert Message.


  • One hour delay – Grades 1-5: Students report to school beginning at 9:30 AM. The school day starts at 9:50 AM.
  • Two hour delay – Grades 1-5: Students report to school beginning at 10:30 AM. The school day starts at 10:50 AM.
  • Modified Kindergarten Schedule - One hour delay: A.M. 10:00 – 11:40 P.M. 12:40 – 3:20. Two hour delay: A.M. 11:00 – 12:40 P.M. 1:40 – 3:20


A decision to close early is made by the Superintendent of Schools and will be made by 10:30 A.M. Elementary students will be dismissed at 1:00 P.M. You will be notified by the Blackboard Message system. Any changes with work or home numbers should be made via the Parent Portal for Power School. Should school be dismissed early, your child will be sent home per directions listed on the Student Emergency Plan form that was completed in September.

Please avoid calling the school office unless it is absolutely necessary. Car rider pick up will take place in the usual area (outside the Gym Doors, Orange Doors).

December's Silver Spoon Award Winner

Congratulations to Mrs. Raimo's classroom for winning December's Silver Spoon Award. Pictures will be included in February's Panther Press.

November Silver Spoon Winner - Mrs. Rendler 's First Graders!

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NAESP: Report to Parents

CLICK HERE to access article on helping your child manage their health issues at school.

M. M. Seylar Elementary School

"Personalizing Education"

Education is a very personal thing. We at Seylar believe that every child has the right to achieve their highest potential and for them to be inspired, to dream, to be excited, and to have pride within themselves and for their school community. Our mission is to combine these beliefs with your child’s innate passions and love for learning to bring together a mind’s on approach, where students are engaged, challenged, and supported so they can achieve their personal best.