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Teach MEdia Newsletter, July 1, 2015

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Webcam video from July 2, 2015 12:08 AM (UTC)

5 minute communications training

Our goal is to produce these topics for "snackable" consumption, or something you could watch, listen or read in five minutes or less. We'll be producing these over the summer in video, audio and text formats, with related links for further learning if you're interested in a deeper dive. We'll begin releasing them every one to two weeks in mid-August. Let us know which topics you'd like to see first, which you could care less about, and what we missed.

Min-Com Menu:


  • Getting your good news out
  • Better newsletters & headline writing
  • Write for bite & news release formatting tips
  • Telling your fish story, or how to hook your audience
  • Different ways to use and curate published content


  • Executive, social, self-regulation: Practical ways schools can leverage social media
  • No edits video boot camp
  • No edits photo boot camp
  • Produce your own sound bites
  • Video didn't killed the radio star -- developing channel diversification
  • Webs(ites) that catch and hold flies (and interest), no coding required


  • Media relations 101
  • Before it gets to "no comment" media training
  • Correction, clarification, retraction: How to get it right
  • Off the record or background: What those mean to reporters and how to use it right
  • How to pitch a home run story: "Selling" your story to a reporter

FREE (or near enough) TOOLS OF THE TRADE

  • Text
  • Photos
  • Graphics (Canva.com is current favorite)
  • Infographics (easel.ly is also a staff standard)
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Social Media
  • Listening
  • Measuring
  • Polling
  • E-newsletters (this one is called Smore)
  • Content Management Systems (Wordpress and Wix websites)

Douglas ESD Communications

Douglas ESD began its communications department in June 2014, offering districts a new service to help reach their various publics and audiences. Our communications specialists work with districts to increase the level of knowledge and understanding in the community on district affairs, teacher innovations and student success. Teach MEdia is Good News Ambassador program, online style, with which our communications specialist hope to show communications strategies school district staff -- from sups to students -- can employ to tell their stories. DD Bixby is our full-time communications specialist and Tricia Jones is our part-time communications specialist. Communications is a universal service available to all our region school districts.