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This was a crazy week because of many changes in our normal schedule. The first of which was that I was out for two days because my daughter was sick. During that time, the kids worked on their end of third grade assessment. This test was to see how well they could apply their knowledge of third grade skills to both a fiction and nonfiction text. I also wanted to see if they used the test-taking strategies that we had worked on. Along with that test, students also continued to work on practicing their cursive and their abilities to use pronouns well.

Upon my return, we spent Wednesday at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. It was a fun day filled with watching how a clay pot is made using a potter's wheel, how the Cheekwood mansion became a museum, and how there are levels of peppers and the benefits of herbs.

On Thursday, I met with just my homeroom. With my lovelies, we worked on cursive. We learned the capital letters A, C, E, M, N, O, P and B. We are moving right along; we had finished all the lower case ones. Then we attended the Talent Show. We worked on understanding the difference between me and I. Finally, we talked about our research project. Each student chose an animal to learn more about. Afterwards, we talked about researching on the Internet. We discussed how there are reliable websites and unreliable websites, and we talked about some tools to figure out which ones are which. We learned that a reliable source will often end in .org or .gov. We also learned that it is important to look to see if the author is mentioned because if someone is willing to put his/her name on his/her writing, it is often more reliable than if it is written anonymously. We then looked at three reliable search engines: Britannica (online encyclopedia), Enchanted Learning, and Kiddle. After which students were each given a laptop to begin their research

Kara Merriman

Important Dates

Monday, May 16: Career Day This will be an outdoor event along with outside eating. Please have your child bring a towel to sit on and sunscreen to wear.

Thursday, May 19: ROAR Party This too is an outdoor event; please send sunscreen and towel

Monday, May 23: Field Trip to Nashville Zoo This too is an outdoor event; please send lunch, sunscreen, and good walking shoes.

Thursday, May 26: No school for the kids

Friday, May 27: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL It is a 2 hour day.

RA Schedule for Next Week:

Monday: Career Day

Tuesday: KOB




Thursday: ROAR

Merriman and Mankin: PE