Physical Science

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Description of the course:

Students in high school continue to develop their understanding of the four core ideas in the physical sciences. These ideas include the most fundamental concepts from chemistry and physics, but are intended to leave room for expanded study in upper-level high school courses. The high school performance expectations in Physical Science build on the middle school ideas and skills and allow high school students to explain more in-depth phenomena central not only to the physical sciences, but to life and earth and space sciences as well. These performance expectations blend the core ideas with scientific and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts to support students in developing useable knowledge to explain ideas across the science disciplines. In the physical science performance expectations at the high school level, there is a focus on several scientific practices. These include developing and using models, planning and conducting investigations, analyzing and interpreting data, using mathematical and computational thinking, and constructing explanations; and to use these practices to demonstrate understanding of the core ideas. Students are also expected to demonstrate understanding of several engineering practices, including design and evaluation

Rules that the students are expected to follow in class:

1- Students should be respectful to teachers and others at any time.

2- Students should wait and follow instructions given by the teacher

3- Students should come to the class on time

4- Students should not have their cellphones on during class

5- No food and/or drinks are allowed in class.


1- Foods and drinks and cellphones should be in the backpacks at all time

2- Students will not go to use the restroom during class. Students should be suggested to go during shifts o lunch time.

3- Students should raise their hands if they have questions. The questions should be related to the class.

4- Students should come in class quietly and have the materials ready to work in class.


1- Projects and homework should be turned in to the teacher on due date, otherwise work will not be accepted.

2- All Students that come in class late will not be accepted in class and have to report immediately to the discipline office.

3- Students that are absent in test o quiz date have to bring a doctor’s note. Failing to do so, the grade would not be scored.

4- Students are expected to adhere to the dress code. Not to do so , the student will be sent to the discipline office

(Please referred to handbook provided from school)

Materials required:

Calculators 2. Composition books 3. Pencil and pen


1. Homework/classwork 10% A 90-100

2. Bell work/ Exit Slip: 10% B 80-89

3. Quizzes 20% C 70-79

4. Exams/ Projects/ Labs 60% D 60-69

F 59 and below

Welcoming Students on the First Day of Class
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