Global Warming


Heating Our Atmosphere

Global Warming can change our world in many catastrophic ways. If we don’t stand up to global warming we will suffer the consequences. Greenhouse gases are causing the atmosphere to retain too much radioactive heat from the sun than it should. If the earth has too much of this heat retained then we will face certain consequences. We need to adress the causes of global warming before many consequences get out of our control. Let’s first start with some causes of global warming.

Getting into Global Warming

Why is Global Warming Happening?

There are many reasons global warming is happening. The pollution of cars and factories release carbon dioxide (CO2) into our atmosphere increasing the greenhouse effect on our earth. Some of the gases that cause the greenhouse effect are CO2, O3, H2O, and CH4. When the greenhouse effect increases in our atmosphere, it causes our earth to retain more and more heat. When people cut down and burn trees it lowers oxygen (O2) levels and increases carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, which add to the factor of the atmosphere. Speaking about retaining too much heat, here are some consequences.

What is Happening Due To Global Warming?

If we don’t do something about global warming the earth will not survive the consequences of global warming. The heat of global warming will cause the polar ice caps to melt rapidly, and because of that; the average sea levels will rise 20 feet higher. Polar bears and many other artic animals may go extinct as ice caps rapidly melt. Dry periods, coastal flooding, food shortages, and habitat destruction (forest, swamps, and taiga) are all signs of global warming. But when there is a consequence there is always a solution.

Join The Cause

Although there are many causes and consequences of global warming, there are solutions you can do at home to help our world.Reuse and recycle paper and metal and also plant and protect trees to cycle carbon dioxide in the air. Turn off any electricity that you aren’t using, turning them off will reduce the greenhouse effect. Scientist are using computers to figure out what temperatures will be predicted to be in the future, they are also researching new and cleaner ways to meet our needs. Example: Reduce fossil fuel usage. Walk or ride to areas you need to get to, because cars and trucks give off carbon dioxide which increases the greenhouse effect. But finally, you can also do something small in your community, like set up an anti-global warming group. Those little things can change our world!

Get Your Green On!

Go Green For Or Community

Our world is slowly slipping away from us, and if we don’t stop global warming altogether, many of the consequences stated (and many more) most likely will start happening. Even if you do something small, like plant a tree or ride a bike, you can help to change the world. Now is the time, the time for you, me and all of us to take action against global warming! Our world CAN become beautiful once again.
Global Warming 101