Mike Bowden ESL Notes

Weeks of December 7th to January 15th

Preparing Your ELL Students for Winter Break

How many of your ELL students do not use English outside of school?
What impact will that have on learning in the first two or three weeks of January?

Preparing For Break

Your ELL student may need leveled library books to take home for the break. When you are meeting with reading groups you can discuss what books the students plan to read and who will listen to them read aloud. Lack of books indicates a need for you to pack some to send home.
It is common for students to say no one will listen. This where you tell them, "No problem - some kids read to their dog or other pet. Some read to a stuffed animal.
Any practice is better than no practice."

During the Break

You can boost the effectiveness of the at-home reading by sending index cards with discussion ideas. Address the reading elements important to your grade and curriculum, such as character traits, connections to other books, other choices the characters could have made to solve/resolve problems.
These discussion notes enable your ELL to engage with the content beyond the recall and knowledge level.

Returning From the Break

Your ELL students may need extra support for two or three weeks to recover their fluency and immediacy.
Sentence starters, response frames, ideas from work partners and extended waiting/processing time are a few scaffolds you can provide.

Schedule & Availability

Monday Dec 7 - Flower Mound

Tuesday Dec 8 - Forest Vista

Wednesday Dec 9 - Forest Vista

Thursday Dec 10 - Coaching Day 3 at the Bolin Center, not on campus

Friday Dec 11- Coaching Day 4 at the Bolin Center, not on campus

Monday Dec 14 - Flower Mound morning only

Language Acquisition Department meeting at CCE afternoon

Tuesday Dec 15 - Forest Vista morning only

Content Connection with Koby Stringer at Central Elementary

Wednesday Dec 16 - Forest Vista

Thursday Dec 17 - Flower Mound

Friday Dec 18 - Forest Vista

Monday Jan 4 - Flower Mound

Tuesday Jan 5 - Forest Vista

Wednesday Jan 6 - Forest Vista

Thursday Jan 7 - Flower Mound

Friday Jan 8 - Forest Vista

Monday Jan 11 - Flower Mound morning only

LAS Conclave at the Timber Creek Admin Building afternoon

Tuesday Jan 12 - Forest Vista

Wednesday Jan 13 - Forest Vista

Thursday Jan 14 - Flower Mound morning only

Cooperative Learning at the Bolin Center afternoon

Friday Jan 15 - Forest Vista

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