The Learning Lab Notes

Holiday spirit is in the air!

Holiday Hat and Dress Up Day

The learners in the lab showed festive spirit when they dressed up in holiday costumes on Friday. Proceeds from all donations go to helping North families in need during the holidays. Thank you all for your creativity and positive spirit.
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Kindness Journal

We are so impressed by the acts of kindness every person is showing in their kindness journals. No act of kindness is too small. We are changing the world one little act at a time. #42daysofkind
Kindness Journal

Reading Workshop

This week, we started reading Julian's Chapter by RJ Palacio, which is the bully's perspective and companion to the story Wonder. Readers have been learning more about the antagonist character and have good noticings about his character and life. We will continue to learn the conclusion of Julian's story this week.

Responses Written by Students Working Hard

Bradley Interviews Students' Reactions to Julian's Chapter

Bradley's interview
Julian's Chapter

Adrian Interviews Students about the Lunar Chronicles

Adrian's interview
Cinder interview

Math Workshop

Kimmel (5th Grade)- Students have been working hard on circle graphs this week. They have drawn them, labeled them, and interpreted data. See videos below to learn more. The test over Unit 5 has taken place and students have corrected and been retaught concepts missed on the test. They will do an inquiry project in math this week.

Jones (6th Grade)- Students this week have focused their learning on converting fractions to decimals and percents (and back and forth). They also created problem solving problems for other students to solve. The winners were randomly drawn. The test was on Friday over Unit 4. We will go over the test and move into math inquiry this week.

Jones Math

Converting Fractions

Partner work converting fractions to decimals to percents.

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Kimmel Math Videos

Circle Graphs
CIrcle Graphs by CJ

Writing Workshop

Fiction work continues in the workshop. Writers met in small groups to discuss their stories and get feedback from other writers. Writers also learned lessons from teachers on transitions and controlling time in their stories. We will continue to draft and revise this week. All stories should be polished and completed by Friday, December 18th.
Writing with Cody and Ava
Writing with Luke

Inquiry Workshop

Inquiry Workshop has taken many forms lately. Students presented their own inquiries about Explorers on a variety of topics. The students then took turns presenting their projects in a museum style where others traveled around and listened to other projects while taking notes on what they learn as well as questions they would like to investigate furhter.

We also had a guest speaker to help the students understand more about pilgrim life (videoes below) and started learning more about the new colonies including the New England colonies and the Middle Colonies. Students will be starting a new inquiry next week.

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Kevin Stonerock as Stephen Hopkins
Pilgrim Guest Speaker

Emily and Arianna learn from a real text book to find out more about the pilgrims.

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Independent Inquiry Projects

The Fountain of Youth