Not a Drop to Drink

Mindy McGinnis

Not a Drop to Drink

If you want to get a drink from the only lake available within miles, you are out of luck. If you are lucky enough to get a sip, you may not live much longer due to illnesses, exhaustion, or a bullet. Lynn and her mother have hearts that are as cold as stone until many plot twists and dramatic events occur. You begin to grow attached to the family, drama, action, and romance as the book shows not only Lynn's life, but ours as well.

"'It's a good rain,' Lynn said as they took a breath together in the barn. 'The tank we're on is nearly full. Only one empty left.' 'There's never enough,' MOther said. 'Don't forget that.'" (McGinnis opening page).

Reading this book makes you feel like you are actually in the scences.

Not A Drop to Drink - Official Trailer!

Erin Blume-7th


"The Characters are very well written making me feel like I knew them personally." -lieu2010

"This is a quick read, but still very well written with developed characters and a well thought out story." -R. Webb

Everyone who enjoys a good, quick read will enjoy this book. The intensity of the words shows the book as if you are there.