By: Hadley Todd

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"The most far out planet in the Milky Way"

Welcome to our planet! Earth has been around for billions of years, and is the 3rd planet from the big ball of radiation we call the sun so it has the perfect temperature and amount. For a long time Earth was the only planet that was awesome enough to support life.

The looks

Above is a picture of our earth. Earth is very spacious with a diameter of 12,756.3 km. We have one moon which is amazing to see at night! The earth is a great place to visit for all experiences. You can have a tropical vacation with your swimsuits and light clothing (with plenty of sunscreen) or go mountain climbing in the cold with thick coats and appropriate sportswear. The possibilities are endless on such a great planet!

Facts to know

  • Seasons on earth are caused by it's tilted axis, in parts of the earth it is warm and some it is cold depending on it's position towards the sun at the time
  • Rotation is the spinning of Earth on its axis and the cause of night and day.
  • Revolution is the period of time it takes for the Earth to orbit the sun
  • The sun produces energy through nuclear fusion and radiates onto the Earth
  • Gravity pulling on the planets from all directions causes them to be spherical
  • A light year is the amount of time it takes light to travel in a year (186,000 mps)

Things to do

Earth has so many things to do including:

  • Swimming
  • skiing
  • hiking
  • shopping
  • cruises
  • amusement parks