Legitimate Caddo

By: Aiden, Max, Michael, Hazel, and Shea

Nice to meet you,

We have been studying one of the five native American tribes ,of Texas, the Caddo. We have listed the following information, about the Caddo.

Food By: Max .B

  • They picked wild berries, nuts, figs, cherries, and peaches.
  • To hunt, they used dogs, and the dogs hunted bears,deer,and buffalo.

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shelter By: Michael .C

  • The Caddo lived in a cone shaped dwelling of thatched grass over poles.
  • Groups of these dwelling surrounded temple mounds.
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Appearance By: Aiden .R

  • The Caddo wore a soft type of deer skin / doe skin. Also, a dark black buffalo skin, and buffalo brains.
  • From the forehead down to the chin the Caddo had tattoos.

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Customs/Traditions/Ceremonies By: Shea .S and Hazel .D

  • The Caddo had temples, and around the temples,and were two young boys the Caddo believed that the gods had sent them to help the Caddo.
  • Prayers said, and offered maid for seven or eight days before war.
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