MHS Counseling Team Newsletter

Montgomery Counseling Team Newsletter

Counseling Caseloads 2018-19

Julie Natalini: 9th, 10th and 11th: A-Di, 12th: A-D x50117

Dorothy Burge: 9th, 10th and 11th: Do-L, 12th: E-K x50115

Melissa Knoll: 9th: M-R, 10th M-Q, 11th: M-R and 12th: L-Q x50116

Sophear Hang: 9th and 11th: S-Z, 10th and 12th: R- Z x50118

Dear Parents/Students:

Semester 1 is nearly done! Teachers are working closely with their students to encourage them to complete all assignments and to prepare for semester exams. This is a time to keep up the good work, talk to teachers when needed, and get plenty of rest so that your child is prepared for final week!

The Montgomery Counseling team believes in empowering our students by asking them to begin to advocate for themselves and make decisions about their future with guidance and support. We are accessible to students during the school day and/or they may drop in during breaks or put in a request in the main office.

The Counseling Department would like to wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season! Please read carefully through the following important information!

Montgomery Counseling Calendar:

December 1-January 11: Santa Rosa Junior College Concurrent Enrollment Period.

December 15: Deadline for CSU Applications (deadline extended due to fires).

December 18-20: Exams

January 7: Grading window closes.

Mid-January: Report Cards to be mailed home.

January 18: Deadline to make schedule changes for Semester 2. Elective changes are based on availability.

January 11: Registration Deadline for February 9 ACT (Juniors)

January 14-18: Scheduling Workshops for 9-11th Grades

January 22- Feb 5: 2019-2020 School Year, Online Scheduling for Families

January 24: 8th Grade Parent Night

February 8: Registration Deadline for March 9 SAT (Juniors)

March 2: FAFSA Deadline (Seniors)

March 8: Registration Deadline for April 13, ACT (Juniors)

April 5: Registration Deadline for May SAT (Juniors)

May 3: Registration Deadline for June 1 SAT AND June 8 ACT (Juniors)

Scheduling for 2019-2020

School Counselors will be doing Advising Workshops with all current Montgomery students in grades 9-11 during the week of January 14-18 through their academic classes. Counselors will cover the following topics/agenda:

  • · Graduation Requirements including A-G
  • · Elective Choices for 2018-2019 School year
  • · Honors, IB Classes prerequisite requirements.
  • · Honors/IB Recommendation forms will be provided to each student to gather signatures from teachers, then parents. (*Please note that all students will be required to complete and return Registration Form prior to being placed in these classes. Counselors will input these classes during their students’ individual appointments.)
  • · Counselors will provide instructions and assistance in doing online course requests.
  • · Counselors will help students put in an initial schedule that they will discuss with parents prior to individual scheduling appointments.

Online Course Requests

  • · Online Registration Instructions will be sent home with your child following the workshops during the week of Jan 14-18. Instructions will also be posted on our school website on January 14th.
  • · Parents will have an opportunity to review and revise the online schedule that your child completes at school.
  • · Students will be required to have current teachers sign off on Recommendation Forms before the counselors will add them to their proposed online schedule during their individual appointment.
  • · Please sign your child’s Recommendation Forms after they have gotten all of their teacher signatures. When you sign, you give your “stamp of approval” of their choices!
  • · Please note our Honors/IB Commitment: When you sign your child’s Recommendation Form, you are also agreeing to the Honors/IB commitment to stay with that class for one entire semester (even if it gets difficult!).
  • · Please review your child’s course selection with them PRIOR to their individual meetings, and by the following dates:

9th Grade: Jan 22

10th Grade: Feb 12

11th Grade: Feb 5

Individual Scheduling Appointments:

Each student will be invited to meet with their counselor through a designated academic class during the school day. Your child will discuss with their counselor their academic standing, individual four year plan toward graduation/college/career and will answer questions regarding classes for next year. Counselors will assist the student with making informed and balanced choices. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s counselor should you need further information.

Message from our College and Career Center – Mr. Palo: Financial Aid

“The sooner you get your FAFSA complete, the better your chances for getting the most financial aid”!!

Soon you will need to focus on filling your financial aid forms the FAFSA, or California Dream Act. Deadline for both forms are March 2nd, 2019 to be eligible for Cal Grant. The FAFSA application can be found at, and the Dream Act application is at

Students and Parents will need:

· Your Social Security Number and State ID or Driver’s License.

· Federal Income Tax Returns for 2017

· If you had a job in 2017, bring your W-2 forms. If you don’t have your W-2 forms then bring other records of the income you earned for that year.

· Any record of untaxed income such as welfare benefits, social security benefits, or child support payments.

Students will need for Dream Act:

· Your DACA Social Security number.

· A list of the schools that you want to attend.

Parents need, if applicable:

· Your parent’s marital status and date of marriage, separation, divorced or was widowed.

· Your parent’s date of birth

To determine if parent information is necessary, visit:

The Montgomery High School College & Career Center is open M-F 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Extended hours are available with an appointment every Thursday and Friday from 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm. Students & Parents can reserve appointments with me during the school day or during extended hours. To book an appointment with me please send an email request to

ACT and SAT:

Juniors: Now is time to start planning to take an ACT and/or SAT for the spring! Most universities require at least one or the other, but please talk to you counselor for more information and suggestions. *Fee waivers are available for students with the most need.

Please register at:




SAY (Social Advocates for Youth) - Emotional/personal counseling. Referrals go through the counseling office. Staff is on campus 3 days a week (Tues, Wed, Thurs).

GRIEF GROUP- begins on October 26th, students were already screened. If students need support with grief, come to see their counselor to be considered for the next group in the spring.

MONTY ZEN GROUP-mindfulness/stress management techniques. In the library during guided study on Thursdays.


3 days per week in the library: 3:15-4:15 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Show up as

needed. Math teachers available for support.


Every Tuesday at lunch in room #53. Personal mentoring from upperclassmen for essays.



This instructional time is scheduled for 30 minutes 4-days per week. Students can ask for

a guided study pass from any teacher if they need additional help or they can do

homework during this time. Please check with your student to ask how they are utilizing

this time.


An academic check in system for a student to monitor him/herself. Also, a

communication tool for teacher and parent. The form is in the Counseling Office and can

be picked up at any time.


All students were given a daily planner at the beginning of the school year to record daily

homework assignments. Please assure that your student is using this tool and ask them to

see it daily. If they need are placement, they can go to the business office or see their



A college & career research platform that is accessible to all MHS students and parents. Naviance allows you to search for $cholarship$, conduct career interest inventories, generate a resume for work and college, research post-secondary school options. Naviance will be used to inform students about College and Career guest speakers, field trips, student workshops, and College/Career Fairs, etc. Make sure that you update your parent and student email accounts in Naviance to receive critical communications.