New Safety Measures at Washington

Updates to arrival, dismissal and other routines

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Washington families - We have missed you!

With in-person instruction beginning soon, we want to keep our Eagles safe and healthy. Having a little bit of normal back in our routine will be wonderful for everyone!

Below is some important information regarding changes to some of our procedures. These are building specific clarifications of the information provide in the district's COVID-19 preparedness plan in August.

Cohort Groups

Students will remain with their classroom group or cohort throughout the day. Students who work with our ISD staff for services such as speech or with our special education staff will receive those services with their classmates or independently. Special area teachers and intervention will visit students in their classroom. Lunch will be in the classroom and students will have recess with their cohort also. Classes will enter through assigned doors and use specific stairs and halls to keep groups as separate as possible when we do need to move in or out of the building. Assemblies will be virtual so classes can participate via zoom together.

Hygiene and Cleaning

Hand sanitizer stations have been installed outside all classrooms. Students will use sanitizer before they enter their rooms and at regular intervals throughout the day. Hand washing at classroom sinks will also be encouraged regularly. Bathroom breaks will be taken one class at a time to keep the cohort groups separate. Students will enter multi-stall bathrooms one at a time. Emergency visits outside group time will be handled on an individual basis.

Bathrooms and frequently touched surfaces like railings and switches will be cleaned at regular intervals. Evening custodial staff will also be using an EPA approved disinfectant spray on surfaces nightly.

Social Distancing, Desk Shields & Masks

We will be using social distancing to the maximum extent possible. Reminder stickers have been placed on the floors along with directional arrows in the hallways to encourage this. In classrooms, where 6 feet of distance is not possible, clear desk shields are in place as an additional measure of protection.

All staff and students will wear masks on the bus and throughout the school day except when eating. When students are outside for learning, recess and PE and able to maintain 6 feet of distance, they will be able to take mask breaks. We understand that students may need reminders and will approach this as an opportunity to teach with care and kindness. We have been very impressed with how well our students who have already returned for in person testing and special services have handled this.


For the first two weeks of school, lunch options are limited to two:

  1. Bring your own lunch (encouraged if your child has strong preferences) or

  2. School lunch with one choice. School lunches will be a cold option. There will be NO hot lunches for at least the first 2 weeks of school.

Although the cold school lunch will be healthy, it may not be what your child would prefer. We are encouraging families to send a healthy lunch to school with options your child prefers to avoid any lunchtime disappointments.

Students will go outside for lunch recess whenever possible. Additional recess time throughout the day, weather permitting will also be offered by classroom teachers.

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Washington will open to students at 8:15 a.m. Students who ride the bus will be dropped off at the same spot on 7th street as in prior years and will be directed by staff to the entrance for their grade level. Students will now be dropped off at their grade specific door in the 7th street lot. Students will be greeted there by staff at their grade level entrance and directed to their rooms. The picture below shows the entrances by grade. Kinder/Y5s and 5th will use door 6. 1st and 4th will use door 5, and 2nd and 3rd will use door 4. Students may not be dropped of at the main office to enter.

At 3:05 Dismissal, students will exit through the same doors they entered, passing around the outside edge of the blacktop area to the buses in the McKinley lot and on to the pickup area at the edge of the playground on the East side of the lot. New signs are being installed to help identify the grade levels waiting for pickup. Those parents who walk to pick up must observe social distancing guidelines while waiting. We are hoping this allows more room for waiting parents and a faster moving line.

Students may not be picked up in the main office after 2:45. If you have an emergency need between 2:45 and dismissal please call and we will bring your student out to you at the 7th Street lot, which may be subject to traffic delay. We recognize that dismissal is often a frustrating time due to the size of our parking lot. Please be patient with us and each other as we work through these new procedures and try to get things moving as safely and quickly as possible.

If you have any questions please give us a call.

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