EAT Semester Exam

By Taylor King



  • Teaching- This year my participation with teaching in a classroom has been coming up with a lesson plan and presenting it to the classroom. My lesson included me reading "Corduroy" to the class and having them take home their own Corduroy bear to have fun experiences with him like the ones he did in his book.
  • Recreation- Christmas Party.
  • Appreciation of Teachers- To appreciate my teacher that I'm interning for I made her a Christmas gift that she can use in her classroom of a painted wooden block with her name on it.
  • Fundraising- For fundraising in this class we have done a cookie dough sell where I sold cookie dough to raise money for our TAFE events and service projects.
  • Leadership- My role in leadership is being the secretary of the AM class.
  • Education Awareness- For Education Awareness we were visited by several schools to give us knowledge on schools we might want to go to.
  • Service Project- Service projects we have discussed this year include a pinwheel making project in which every pinwheel that is made, money will be donated to education programs around the world that don't have the funds for a successful education program.

My future involvement in this program is to continue it throughout senior year and continue to do well at competitions.

My Future as a Teacher

I hope to someday have a classroom of my own to experience new memories that will stay with me forever just like the memories I have gained this year by being an intern at Snow Heights Elementary. I hope to get a Masters in Early Childhood Education and Minor in music. I would like to attend and graduate from Texas A&M University because they have a good education program and I have always wanted to attend this school.