Cancun, Mexico

One of the world's top tourists destinations.

Cancun, Mexico!

Cancun has some of the coolest activities, great weather, and some of the most interesting and historical sites to visit.

History of the paradise: Cancun, Mexico

The Yucaton Peninsula inhabited and dominated by Mayan civilizations until most local sites were abandoned by the 15th century. The Maya originally called the land "Kan Kun", then the name later evolved to "Cancun" by the spanish.

Fun Facts about Cancun Mexico!

~Cancun was called Ekab, meaning "Black Earth". Cancun is the Mayan word for "nest of serpents" or "snake pit".

~Cancun's average temperature is 80 degrees and there are over 240 sunny days.

~Cancun's beaches have white sand, and is not hot when touched.

~Over 1/3 of Mexico's tourism income is generated by Cancun.

~Each year, hundreds of thousands of travelers visit Cancun each year