In4mation: 4 Tools

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Kahoot, smore, & Today's Meet


Works best in Chrome and allows you to access feedback in a game environment from any type of device Create a Kahoot here Players begin at this link

Presenter start quiz here: QUIZ

Case Study implementing the Kahoot Pedagogy


Create flyers that can be shared electronically with a link or embed code

Flyer types: event, business, class, news bulletins, and more

View the gallery of trending flyers created:

Today's Meet

Creates a back channel for your meetings allowing participants to post and even answer questions and concerns while you meet. Meetings can even have a moderator selected prior to each meeting start.

ExcelOnline: Office 365

Survey and see results with a ExcelOnline Survey for staff, students, or even parents.

ExcelOnline Survey

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A Google Survey EXIT TICKET Take a short survey

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