TimeLine of Marie Curie's Life

Important events that occured within the life of Marie Curie

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Birthdate: November 7th, 1867
Birthplace: Warsaw, Poland

Event 1: Tragedy
Date: May 1878

At the age of 11, Marie Curie (then Marya Sklodovska) lost her mother to tuberculosis. This was a hard time for her, for her mother was one of the closest people to her and she loved her dearly. However, she still continued despite the pain in her heart.

Event 2: Paris
Date: Autumn 1891

In the year of 1891, Marya moved to Paris, France after conspiring with her sister for many years to get the two to the country. There she attended the Sorbonne and finished with a masters degree in physics in 1893. This event lead to her career as a world-renowned scientist.

Event 3: Marriage
Date: July 1895
After studying in Paris for 4 years, Marie Curie became married to her now life-long partner in science, Pierre Curie. He would continue to help her achieve success in the fields of science for many years onward, and would keep Curie company whilst working.

Event 4: Parenthood

Date: September 1897

Soon after meeting, the couple had a child named Irene Curie. This caused the lives of the two to become even more tedious, and yet still they managed. In fact, Marie Curie took arduous notes on her child just as she did her experiments.

Event 5: Discovery

Date: April 1898

In the year of 1898, Marie Curie discovered the rays emitted from Thorium compounds had atomic properties, and dubbed these rays with the name "radioactivity". This lead to her breakout point in her career, the discovery of radium and polonium.

Event 6: Recognition

Date: December 1903

For all their hard work, the Curies, along with another person, were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for their discovery of the Becquerel rays. The earning of this prize lead to fame for the couple and their family, fame that they both greatly despised.

Event 7: Loss

Date: April 19th, 1906

On the fated day of April 19th, Pierre Curie was killed instantly from being run over by a horse-drawn carriage. Another tragic loss came to Marie, and yet she still kept on with her research through the influence of Pierre's brother, Jacques.

Death Date: July 4th, 1934

Death Place: Passy, France