The lady or The Tiger

By Frank R. Stockton


The criminal gets sent into the arena. And then choses a door, one door have the pretty lady behind it and the other door has a viscous tiger behind it. The princess chose the right door so the guy gets the pretty lady and they get married and live happily ever after.

Challenge Connection

It connects to the idea of challenge by giving the criminal the challenge to choose the right door. If he didn’t listen to the princess then he would of picked the door that had the tiger behind it and he most likely would of died.


The Criminal has to choose a door and one door has a tiger behind it and the other has a beautiful lady behind it. The princess tells him to choose “that door”, so he does and it has the lady behind it. So the conflict is resolved by the criminal listening to the Princess.

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The princess- Shes the kings daugher, but it leads to the climax and the faling action but there is no resolution.

The King- he was very strict and wanted everything his way.


Nothing can stop love.