Playing Fair is the best way to win

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Penalty. One word that everyone tries to avoid. However, eventually everyone gets into it sooner or later. Penalty can sometimes be so big that it could change someone's whole life because of one mistake. If you want to prevent this from happening to anyone, maybe even you, this word will help. Sportsmanship. One word to help all. “There will always be arguments over whether bending the rules to win is acceptable” says the article titled The Importance Of Sportsmanship In Modern Sport. We can’t get rid of disagreement forever. Someone will always stand up for something that is not right. But that is life. The article The Meaning of Good Sportsmanship reminded us that“Good sportsmanship is the most important aspect of the game. Sometimes games will get intense, heated and personal; therefore, sportsmanship must be learned in order to be practiced in sticky situations.” Intense games just show that these things mean a lot to you. And that’s ok! Watch your actions and everything will be fair. And that is why sportsmanship is so important.

Positive and Negative Reinforcements


When we have sportsmanship, we have players have better games. It can be intense, but make it fun!


Others could be hurt, emotionally or physically. No one wants pain. Don’t let you or others suffer.

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