Miss Maudie, the lady of the garden

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Maudie's Opinion

Miss Maudie is known for getting along with people in the town but mostly talks with Charles Baker Harris, the finch kids, Jem and Jean Louise aka "scout", their father Atticus, and occasionally Ms. Stephanie Crawford. She gets along well with the three kids as long as they don't run around her yard. Occasionally miss Maudie will even give them cake if she has extra. She also thinks that their father is a drunk when she said that "a bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whisky bottle in the hand of-oh, of your father" even though he isn't and probably can improve his parenting ways. When it comes to Miss Stephanie and her rumors and crazy tales, Miss Maudie thinks they're ridiculous and often times says things that makes Miss Crawford go quiet. A lot of times when scout talks with miss Maudie she asks about Arthur Radley whom miss Maudie knew when he was a child. She said that Arthur was "a good kid and was always respectful" which she doesn't understand how he could've gone insane

Why has Harper Lee included Miss Maudie as a main character in the novel?

Harper Lee included her as a main character in the novel because she sticks with what she believes and does what she loves to do which is gardening. She's one of those characters who tries to keep peace and possibly show people it's okay to be yourself

1932 Smokey Road

Maycomb, Alabama