Digital Youth INFO 5960.004

100% online course at University of North Texas

INFO 5960.004 FALL 2017!

This 100% online, 3 hour credit, course examines youth as digital natives to technology and the impact of the Internet on their lives. Studies the social and Web 2.0 technologies used by youth in their ever present online identities. Analyzes and utilizes current and emerging technologies. This course calls for hands-on use of the technologies as well as frequent reflections on how to apply what you've learned from an academic and a practical standpoint.

You will investigate case studies of youth examined in their everyday world and create new information using Web 2.0 tools. You will analyze current technology trends with youth and learn why they choose said trends. Your projects will be prepared and delivered using Web 2.0 tools found freely on the Internet. The course culminates with your delivery of an online product on the behaviors of youth.


  • Develop a philosophy of best practices with regard to youth and information technologies
  • Identify digital information-seeking behavior of youth
  • Demonstrate proficiency in identifying and evaluating current and emerging digital technologies
  • Utilize current and emerging technologies with youth in public and school library programming
  • Demonstrate proficiency and fluency in generating web-based content via Web 2.0 applications
  • Utilize and demonstrate proficiency in online sharing of resources
  • Construct a digital portfolio of coursework

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