Treehouse Life!

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Tropical Treehouses!

Leave national oppression and warfare! Join the paradise! Located on the scenic tropical island of Tropicana, our community lives in tree houses high above the ground. Entrance is simple too! All that is required is unwavering kindness and support. Take a short neural test to show your personality traits, and you could be on your way to paradise. We'll even pick you up!

Here on Tropicana, we have electricity from solar panels, running water, and access to communication equipment to contact friends and family in other countries. Also, we have fully functioning farms. Everything is shared here on Tropicana and there is no money system. Not only that, but we also custom build every tree house to suit your needs.

Pets are a choice here on Tropicana, and we have a full selection of domestic monkeys, a variety of birds, or mini leopards.

Tropicana is a small tropical paradise and spots are limited, reserve yours now!

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Laws of Tropicana

Here on tropicana we have a few simple rules.

  • No harsh attitudes or actions
  • Harsh actions or attitudes are punishable by deportation
  • Everyone in the community must contribute in some way
  • Leaving is not possible, because of the neural test*
  • Punishment for violations of Tropicana law involve immediate transportation back to the offender's host nation, whether it's hostile or not.


*Neural test works only once, so if you leave you can't come back

An attempt to enter the neural test more than once will cause immediate death.

Neural test is not recommended for pregnant women, or anyone suffering with Heart problems

"American Dream" within the society

The connection to Tropicana and the American Dream can be displayed through the ideals of Tropicana. Everyone has the same amount of opportunity to have whatever they want, with enough work. Anyone on Tropicana can have whatever belongings they want, with enough dedication

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451

Tropicana is comparable to Fahrenheit 451 in that Tropicana is a small population of people that understand the dystopia of the war-torn world outside Tropicana, and are trying to escape that world. This is similar to Fahrenheit 451, where a small population of people understand the Dystopia they live in, and are trying to escape it.

The ideal "intellectual" within Tropicana is someone who recognizes the problems within society and can free themselves of this society in hopes of finding freedom and peace.