Best Features To Visit In Africa

Visit these features if you visit Africa!

Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean is the third-largest ocean in the world that extend from south Asia to Antarctica and from east Africa to southeast Australia. The average depth of the ocean's floor is 11,000 feet. You can surf in the ocean and the water of the Indian Ocean is warm.

Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert is an arid plateau region that covers 100,000 square miles in southern Africa. It is mostly covered by reddish sand and lies between Orange and Zambezi Rivers. Grass grows throughout Kalahari in rainy season. You can meet a whole host of exotic creatures.

Congo Basin

Congo Basin, the world second-largest river that comprised an area of 1,335,000 square miles. The vast drainage area lies astride the Equator in west central Africa and includes almost all of Zaire, western Zambia, and Northern Angola. First time Africa visitor can intrepid adventurers stunning wildlife viewing.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro are located in northeast of Tanzania and are the tallest mountain in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro are an extinct volcano that rises in two peaks and people raised coffee and plantains on the lower part of the mountain. Most visitor went hiking on Mount Kilimanjaro.