Kevin Hart

A comedian, A actor A writer and A friend


Kevin Hart is a very successful comeidian and a thriving actor and stars in many movies and shows. He has always been able to make people laugh and uses his gift to his advantage. He has also hosted the MTV awards.


Kevin Darnell Hart was born July sixth 1979 he was born in Philadelphia ,Pennsylvania. Kevin was the youngest of two boys his brothers name is Robert . Kevin new from the beginning that he wanted to be a comeidian he was influenced by comeidians like Eddie Murphy ,Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Bill Cosby . Hart grew up with a single parent his mother Nancy Hart . His father Henry Hart had problems with drug abuse and being on the wrong side of the law this caused him to be in and out of jail and never around for Kevin . Soon after graduating from George Washington High School Hart moved to New York City and then to Brockton,Massachusetts then back to Philly he became a shoe salesman he worked under bigger comedians at stand up comedy and clubs. Eventually Hart's career took off.

Kevin's Rise to Stardom

He eventually met a veteran comedian named Keith Robinson . Robinson led him in the right direction and he started performing under his own name . Hart started winning amateur comedy contests and started making a name for himself . He made appearances in shows such as "Modern Family" and stars in movies like "Soul Planes","Paper Soldiers", " Little Fockers" , "Scary Movie 3, "Ride Along"," Think Like A Man" " Think Like A Man 2", Real Husbands of Hollywood", "About Last Night" ,"The Wedding Ringer" and he does stand up comedy and he has tours his first tour called " I'm a Grown Little Man" made 15 million dollars and he continued having tours such as "Laugh at my Pain" and his tour "Let me Explain" made $32.3 million dollars on a budget of $2.5 million .

Family and Friends

On May 22nd 2003 Kevin Hart was married to Torri Hart . He eventrully had two kids one boy named Hendrix and a girl named Heaven . Sadly on November 13th 2011 Kevin was divorced his son Hendrix was only five at the time and his daughter was only eight . Torri was not over the divorce and found as much info on Kevin as she could and she got on any show to tell anything that Hart did not want shared and frankly being married to him for over eight years she knows a lot on that particular topic. Torri actually end up physically attacking Kevin's divorce lawyer. After Torri and Kevin's divorce Kevin moved on but Torri can't quite get it and started to spread rumors that Kevin's new finance called off the wedding Kevin struck back by saying I guess giving her 20k a month isn't good enough.

Quotes from Kevin

One quote that quickly caught on was "All right All right All right" and one other quote which was always Kevin's rule in his shows "Jokes come from real life Exprience"