Humans to Mars?

By: Dylan Horn

What is it?

My topic is about the possibility of sending astronauts to the planet Mars. Science might have the technology and the knowledge to do it.
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Scientists want astronauts on Mars

Many scientists believe that it is possible to send astronauts to Mars soon. They believe that it will help answer questions about our Universe. In fact, they have already begun to organize a trip to Mars. It will take from 9-6 weeks. The spaceship will be specially made to reflect the Sun's harmful radiation so the astronauts can travel through space safely.

Living on Mars

The astronauts will have to set up a shelter that will look sort of like a futuristic greenhouse with enough food, water, and oxygen to survive. When it is time to came back to Earth, the return fuel will be made out of the Martian soil and atmosphere.
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Colonizing Mars

In the distant future, they want to start sending people to colonize Mars, or to live there permanently. Scientists believe that one day we will. But first they will change it. This is called, Terraforming, or changing a world physically. They will release gasses into the atmosphere that will have the greenhouse effect on Mars. Essentially, they will cause global warming on Mars to warm it up. These gasses will trap in sunlight and warm up the planet. The ice would then turn into water and plants would grow. The plants would release oxygen and then Mars would be habitable for humans and animals.
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