Easter from the Farm

(delicious options for your holiday meal)

Brunch option

1 dozen farm fresh eggs ($4.25)
1 dozen frozen blueberry waffles ($8)

Pastured pork breakfast meat choice:
Bacon $10/lb (typically packages are just less than one pound)
Sausage Patties $8/lb (also typically right around one pound)
Ham Steak $8/lb (usually around 2#, and contain a bone)

Lunch option

1 cabbage ($1.50/lb)
2 lbs of potatoes ($2/lb) (supply is quite limited...first come, first served)
1 dozen farm fresh eggs ($4.25) (deviled eggs, anyone?)

Choice of pastured pork, lamb, or beef:
Ham $8/lb (hams are typically around 5# each, and contain a bone)
Ham Steak $8/lb (steaks are typically around 2#, and contain a bone)
Pork Roast $9/lb
Leg of Lamb $8/lb (bone-in, and typically 3# each)
Lamb Loin Chops $14/lb
Lamb Stew Meat $12/lb
Beef Roast $9/lb

To order:

email me at kir@4genfarms.com

Deadline for ordering: Wednesday, April 16

Order pick-up: Friday, April 18

When I receive your order, I'll pull your items, weigh them, then let you know the final weights and cost.