Night of the twisters

book By: Ivy Ruckman


There was no illustration in Night of the twisters. It was just words!


The characters were Author Darlington, Stacey Darlington, Ronnie Vae, Dan Hatch, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Mrs.Smiley, and Aunt Goldie.

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setting of the book

The main setting was Grand Island, Nebraska. A little bit was in Phillips, Nebraska. A lot was at Kmart in Grand Island, Nebraska. Also the setting was at a police station in Grand Island, Nebraska,Stacey, Dan, and Arthur had to stay in a little Jail cell, and that's were they slept for the night.


Well, Dan gets a black letter day on June 2nd, 1980. Then, his mom goes to check on his Aunt Goldie, when she is about to go she says if the sirens go off go downstairs. And when she left the sirens started yelling weeeeeo weeeeeeo, then the television started blinking CD...CD...CD, and then Arthur started saying," what does CD mean?" Then Dan said, "Civil Defense Warning!!" then, Arthur said Mama will be worried about me. But, they got to safety with Ryan. they covered them self with a blanket and they had a flashlight. At the end the Darlington's were such a big family they were forced to split up. So Arthur lived with Dan on the farm with Dan's family, also it was Dan's Grandma, and Grandpa's Farm.
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Awesome Level

Out of 1 to 10 I rate this book 100. It felt like I was in the tornado and it was an very Awesome book, it was also very intense. Those are some of the reasons I rate this a 100.


One problem was when the tornado hit the solution to that was nothing really. Another and solution was when Dan, Arthur, and Stacey had nowhere to live or sleep the police station let them stay there for a while.