Germinating Plants

Sophia's Science Project

Introduction to project

My project is basically observing which vegetable plant that I planted ( Cucumber, pepper, and pumpkin) would germinate ( sprout ) first. I planted my plants on November 3rd. I will water them every 2 days until I see that they germinated, and I will record how long it took.


My hypothesis is that cucumber will germinate first. I think that because according from the research I had found, cucumbers can tolerate 31-33 degrees F., which is 0 degrees C., and the place I put them in is way warmer than that (on a windowsill near a heater).


My results are that the cucumber plant grew fastest. On November 3rd, I planted all the seeds and gave them water(3 cups, 4 seeds of each cup, so 12 seeds in all). I gave them water every 2 days until- on November 16th, I noticed that a cucumber seed had sprouted! It was 13 days( 1 week and 6 days) before it sprouted, but then- on November 23, I saw that a pumpkin seed had sprouted too, so it took 20 days to germinate( 2 weeks and 6 days).None of the pepper plants germinated yet.


My results supported my hypothesis. The cucumber plant did germinate first. I think my experiment went well, and everything was fine. Nothing accidental happened, and nothing spilled. I think the results maybe have to do with the weather- being colder, so that the cucumber grew faster.

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