The History Behind Nike

Where did the company Nike get its name? By: Ramandeep Authi

The origin

The company Nike gets is its name from Greek goddess Nike who personified victory as well as force and speediness. The company chose this name because they wanted their customers (athletes) to know why they should buy their products. The company could have chose one of Nikes siblings, who each had their own attributes: Zelos (rivalry), Kratos (strength), and Bia (force). Instead they chose Nike to represent their company because of the qualities she possessed.

Goddess Nike

The Greek goddess Nike was also known as Victoria by the Romans, which also represented victory. The Greek goddess Nike also helped the company out with their logo, the swoosh sign. The company Nike got its logo from the goddess Nike because her wings swooshed when she flew and so did the feather she held in her hand.

Pictures of the Company's Motto, Greek goddess, and logo