Levels of Industry

by rhapsody addington

They are:

Agricultural, manufacturing, wholesale,transportation, resale, and service.


the agricultural level is about farming. Say we are making a marshmallow. The raw material would be sugar, which comes from sugar canes. The farmer would take the material, process it (example: taking bark off of a tree), and then give it to the next level.


The manufacturing level is basically taking the material, in our marshmallow it would be sugar, and making it into the actual product for consumers. Still following our marshmallow, the sugar would be sent to jet puffed to be made and packaged. Once the marshmallows are packed in boxes, they are sent to a warehouse which brings us to...

Wholesale, Transportation, and Resale:

Wholesale, transportation, and resale is basically, still with our marshmallow, where jet puffed sells a load of marshmallows to target. jet puffed then puts the marshmallows on a truck, or transportation, to target where they will resell the marshmallows to the people.


On the final service level of industry, target goes out and puts up billboards that they are now selling jet puffed marshmallows. At the service level, advertisement is key. otherwise, how would people know that you can buy marshmallows at target?