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Creating music!


I conducted some research about the relationship between music, films and emotions and this is what I found.

A) find some excellent examples of effective use of music in films where the music enhances the story-telling experience.

B) research about the relationship between music and mood/emotion

C) I used and I tried to create a song that was: 3 minutes in length, uses dynamics, was uplifting, danceable and motivating. You can listen to my song here ( Through creating this song I learnt many things and increased my skills and understand in the following ways

- the music and pieces they had were up lifting

- I had fun, but needed to listen and choose carefully to make all the pieces fit

-I know what would sound good and I can add in more pieces to make it unique

- synchronizing the tunes can be more nicer to hear in songs

- placing an up lifting tune with a high beat tune right away won’t sound too good

D) I used and tried to create a song that was 3 minutes long, was sad, emotive, moving and evoked feeling of devastation and destruction. You can listen to my song here ( I compare and contrast the online tools and my thoughts are :

-they had a lot of music piece choices to remix around

- their way of adding music is more complicated than soundation

- but they had options of changing the music effect

- the tunes were different, but they had different instruments

- clubcreate was a bit hard to access the musiclab