Discrimination and Woman's Rights

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How discrimination has shaped the U.S. in the past.

It all started during the mid sixteen hundreds, when slavery was introduced to the colonies. African Americans have been discriminated ever since then. They were imprisoned as slaves until the mid eighteen hundreds, separated from whites everywhere until the nineteen sixties and are still discriminated today.
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Discrimination in the past

Discrimination has been a constant idea for a very long time. Ever since men and women have worked along each other. There is always some kind of discrimination in the going on in the world always. In the past, it was way worse then it was then. Now there is some equality laws but then, there was nothing to protect anyone. To put that into perspective, back then, you could go out and shoot a Mexican worker or an African slave and get in no trouble but now you will be charged with murder and most likely a hate crime.

Examles of Discrimination the the world currently.

In the world then and now in the workplace, discrimination exists in money form. White men have always earned all the money. Black men less and Hispanic men even less. The white woman is paid the most for a woman then the black woman then finally the Hispanic woman is paid the least out of them all.

Why do we judge and discriminate?

Discrimination is very common in our world. It is happening right now as you're reading this somewhere in the world. I believe that people discriminate and judge for three reasons. 1, They want to be friends with certain people and fit within a specific social group. 2, they are following their parents because they feel like they wont love them if they don't. 3, They do it purely on the fact that they like to cause pain and strike fear into their hearts. I personally haven't seen any discrimination myself in my middle but I have heard some just not in school. Discrimination is everywhere.

Examples of Discrimination in the U.S. currently.

An example of discrimination in recent time happened in New Jersey at a French bakery. The owner told the African American woman that he couldn't hire her because she is black. He claims that if she would work up front, she would scare away all the customers.
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Major events in Womens Rights history.

Women have been fighting for more rights and equality for a very long time. During the 19 century and before, women have been struggling for more rights and equality. The right to vote was barely accomplished during the early 20th century. The there was the second wave of the Feminist moment during the 1960's and 70's. They fought for more gender equality. An example of this would be the picture to the right. It is of Rosy the Riveter and is know world wide example of gender equality.
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How are women treated differently then men in the U.S. currently?

Women have been treated differently then men all throughout history, even today. Women today tend to work more than men. Yet, the are paid less then men. This is true everywhere in the world.

How are women treated differently then men in the world currently?

Women have more rights then they did about 100 years ago. Before, women couldn't even vote. Now they can vote but it only took about 50 years . Before they couldn't hold some specific jobs. Now they can have any job they want. Finally, women used to have to stay at home and weren't allowed to do anything. Now they can do whatever they please.
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Famous people who are fighting for womens rights.

One person who has recently been fighting for women's rights is a Pakistani school girl named Malala Yousafzai. She is a women's rights activist who kept going after threats from the Taliban and after an assassination attempt. She is particularly fighting for equal education for women and men. She also received the Nobel Piece Prize in 2014.
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