LMS School Counselor News

November/December 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians of Lawrence Middle School Students,

We have made it to the end of the 1st marking period! This is a great time for students to reflect on things that they did well during the first part of the school year and figure out what kinks they need to work on moving forward. As always, please reach out to Ms. Esser or Ms. Fertig with any concerns that you have with your child's academic, social, and/or emotional progress.

From now until the winter break, we will be focusing a lot on the importance of gratitude. During a time when youth are exposed to the negativity on social media, the news and current events, we want to empower them to recognize all of the good things that happen each and every day! Students will be encouraged to write down something that they are thankful for and a gratitude board will be displayed in the counseling office as a reminder that even on the hardest days, there is always something to appreciate. We encourage you to practice the same type of activity at home with your family!


Ms. Esser & Ms. Fertig

A big THANK YOU to all students, teachers, and staff that helped to make our Week of Respect so special!