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Widgets News Item in the K12 Online HS

An announcement has been posted in the School News widget of the K12 Online HS for all MPS, regarding updates to the 'My Courses' and 'progress summary' tools.

Please log into the K12 Online School to review the complete news item. The news is visible to all roles in the K12 Online HS.

Student Details Report on the K12 Online HS

The Student Details report is the largest and most detailed report available in the Custom Reports area of the K12 Online HS. A few key data points in the report include:

  • Student course average and grade to date
  • Student course average across all assigned courses in the K12 Online HS
  • Disengaged in all coursework
  • Engaged in all coursework and failing

This report can quickly be manipulated to identify students who need a contact or an additional support.

Operations Managers should download a copy of the report and familiarize themselves with the data points provided. Review 'SMS Operations: Custom Reports (K12 Online HS)' on for additional information on all custom reports.

MPS Operations Team Mission Statement

Provide school staff operational supports and resources that build and sustain a solid backbone, enabling them to provide our students and families an exceptional school experience.