Civil Rights,The fight for equality

By Jared Garnett

The fight that stood against prejudice

In this article we begin our journey leaping back into time, a time where blacks were regarded less than humans, a time where they had to fight for their life against armies of hatred wanting them not to exist. The location this fight was occurring in, was the United States of America to a time even dating back to the civil war but picking up movement in the 1950's. What matters is that they endured through a long struggle of death and ridicule, and they did this not raising a fist in anger but arms wide open willing to take the pain for their other brothers and sisters. We'll look at their tactics to combat racism, pictures of this war, two unknown heroes and music that aided the people against discrimination.

The way of the two men

The tactics that were used during the civil right movement were devised by two people Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. Both men sought to liberate the black population, but through different means. Malcom X thought the blacks had to defend themselves against the violence with violence. And, on the other side of the spectrum we have Martin King Jr. a God loving man spreading his wisdom of civil disobedience; proving that blacks were not the savages but the people who sought to harm innocent people cause of ignorance.
Malcom's words hit mostly black people as he was raising this black national pride in them. Those blacks were mainly people who had trouble with coming to terms with whites, as they were seen as the root of the problem. Malcom promoted violence as a solution to defend the black community against injustices and prejudices brought upon them.

Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) was a man who had a dream and that was going to come true not through guns and violence, but through civil disobedience and showing the error of the people's ways. MLK was not a man to allow his hand to rise in anger but to turn to his other cheek like the bible tells him so. From this he spread his teachings around making sure that lord was keeping a watchful eye on his fellow brethren and sisters. Civil disobedience is where you act in a nonviolent manner disobeying an unjust law proving to unfairness and preforming for the moral justice.

Lost Heroes of the Civil movement

James Brown a man who's case was taken to court spinning the heads of education allowing equal possibilities integrating schools. Brown's case didn't single handedly cause this to happen, but when it was taken and expertly done it called to the unconstitutional law separating blacks and whites. From this action of integrating schools this allow the bringing of the Little Rock Nine which both furthered the desegregation of the two races.

Emmett Till a teenager who caused no one too much trouble and was wrongly killed because the color of his skin. On a faithful day Emmett was coming home from the store when he allegedly spoke to a white woman in a "sexual" manner which caused his gruesome death. That death was more than enough to make people turn a eye onto the subject of southern "justice". The reason why that death was important was because Emmett's mother wanted an open casket funeral to show the government what happen to her poor baby. And, to show the rest of America that this prejudice is inhumanly brutal and shouldn't allow to continue to exist.

Mavis Staples "Eyes On The Prize"

Keep Your Eyes On the Prize

This song exemplified the black's goal in mind. That was to obtain their equal rights which this was going to happen. The lyrics of the song was to keep the people's moral about making sure that they wouldn't let go, but hold on and keep their eyes on the prize.