Staying In-the-Know

with Mrs. Drayton

Dutch Fork Elementary The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


Please assist...

We will be creating our own mixture on Tuesday, but we need your assistance! To create this mixture we will need the following items:

  • M&M's
  • pretzels
  • raisins
  • Cheese-its
  • Cheerios
Please let me know if you can supply any of these items.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

VIP Folders

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Environmental Fair

Your child is beginning to conduct their experiments (Task 3). However, to fully implement these experiments will are in need of some supplies. Please let me know if you can provide any of the following:

  • sandy soil
  • clay soil
  • loom soil
  • organic fertilizer
  • store bought fertilizer w/chemical
  • plastic bottle with cap
  • coffee filters
  • large cup or mug
  • activated charcoal
  • sand
  • gravel
  • jar

Barrier Islands

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United Way

Did you know the United Way was one of the first organizations in the Midlands to help families that were flooded? To help, we will have a pajama day for students on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break. This week, any student that donates at least $1 can wear PJs on Nov. 24th.