jason p.

Saturn's atmosphere

saturn is a gas giant and does have landmass.the landmass is about the size of earth.but the gases are so dense that it would crush majority of things that enters its atmosphere.

Saturn's rings

Saturn's rings are composed of billions of asteroids and chunks of ice that orbit Saturn

the mythology behind saterns name

Saturn's name came from the romans who named the planets after there gods

3 distinugishing chacteristics of saturn

1. it is a gas giant

2. it has massive rings

3. its land mass is only about the size of earth

saturns atmosphere

Saturn's atmosphere is about 75% hydrogen and 25% helium.

Saturn's temp

Saturn's temptuar ranges from -270 f to -160 f.

explorartion of Saturn

so far we have not been able to land anything on Saturn but we have been able to take pictures of it 2 missions to Saturn are pioneer 11 april 6 1973 and voyager 1 September 5 1977

is saturn terrestrial or jovian

Saturn is jovian because it is a gas giant

the legnth of the day and the year on saturn

the day is 10hrs and 39 min

the year is 29 earth years

the number of moons saturn has

Saturn has 62 moons one famous one is titan