Honoring The Children

Honoring The Heroic Kids All Over The Country

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Beneden Gillen; Life and Death

Party Gone Wrong

Yesterday evening at the first annual Manifest, Kansas homecoming dance, celebrations took a dark turn. Halfway through the festivities, a black car arrived carrying a telegram to all of Manifest. This telegram was from our troops overseas, and hoping for the best, the whole town crowded round. The mysterious telegraph deliverer handed the paper to Jinx, a boy of 16 years, and told him to read it out loud.

Regret to inform you Ned Gillen was killed in action

October eighth his body

recovered in Argonne region South France laid to

rest in St. Dizier personal effects to follow

The music stopped. The smiles faded. And little by little, Person by person, the town of Manifest slowly broke apart, and sank into the great depression that this country has so hopelessly fallen into. Starting with the boy Jinx, who had been Ned's best friend since age five.

We Remember; Paying Tribute to Beneden Gillen

If there is one person that will be written down in every book ever to be written about this town of Manifest, it will be Ned. We will remember his hard work working double shifts in the mines, all of the jokes and tricks that he pulled with his "brother" Jinx. We will remember his excellence in fishing and on the track. Your kindness, your fireworks. And of course, the true reason that you are now at rest, your bravery in defending the country.

A picture of Ned (left) and his "brother" jinx (right) before the first day of high school is included below this article

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You're Invited To the New Children's Garden

Who Says Kids Can't Garden Too? We are pleased to inform you that the city of Cleveland officials have agreed to let me set aside 20 square feet of the lovely new garden to be only for the kids! This new "Children's Garden" as I have now began to call it, is for kids under the age of 11 who may need an adult's help with planting. Parents and other adults, we are forever needing volunteers in this garden, so if you like children, and may consider helping, please call this number. 786-678-8767.

Thank you, and hope to see you there!

-Marleene Collins (Mayor of Cleveland)

grand opening is next Friday

The garden is on Gibb street, in Cleveland Ohio

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