The Mangroves

By Christopher Alfonso

What are Mangroves

The Mangroves are a waterlogged area with water, sediment, and trees, most common the Red Mangrove Tree that dominates Most of the Area. The Mangroves are home to lot's of wildlife here in Florida, We need to save the mangroves to make sure that we don't loose a great natural civilization, anyway it is a home for land, sea, and air, creatures.

The Human Impact on the Mangroves

As seen in the picture, the mangroves have garbage and are being destroyed for the expansion of civilization, it's wildlife is in danger of being swept away under a curtain of Modern living. Without the mangroves, one of the natural achievements of the world will be destroyed but we can help make laws to stop this and use the Mangroves Positively.

A naturalist field day grounds

The species of the Mangroves, Plants or animals are the most facinating

Food Web

This Food web explains the food chain from the Producers, givers, decomposers, and the Consumers, this food chain will give you the most information i can give you possible.

Biotic and Abiotic Factors


- Fish

- Birds

- Alligators

- Algae



-Tree Bark