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Basic Information

Capital- Kuala Lumpur
Population- 30,513,848 people ranked 42 in the world

Languages- Bahasa Melayu

Head of State- King Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah

Head of Government- Kuala Lumpur

Government- Constitutional Monarchy

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Exported in Malaysia

In Malaysia they export rubber, tin, cocoa, rice, coconuts, pepper, timber, petroleum, natural gas, and electronics.

Malaysia is the third largest oil producer. In 2009 Malaysia produced more then 857,019 tons of rubber. Malaysia is known being the largest supplier of rubber gloves and exported more then 703,051 pairs.

Malaysia was the worlds second largest supplier for refined tin in 1997. In the 1980's Malaysia was mining more then 35,000 tons of tin. Although tin is was the largest employer, the number of people working in this industry is falling rapidly as their is only 40 mines today in Malaysia.

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Malaysia is the third largest foreign exchange earner. In 1999 Malaysia launched a market campaign called Malaysia Truly Asia that attracted more then 7.9 million visitors to Malaysia. Then as the years went by more people came to Malaysia. In 2009 Malaysia's number of visitors increased to 23.6 million. Then in 2010 Malaysia had ranked for the most popular vacation spot, becoming the ninth most visited country in the world


In Malaysia they have preschool, primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary is required for six years and the average school length is 13 years. Most students Malaysia are instructed to learn English as their second language. But Chinese and Indian students can go to special schools with only their native language. Many students have to wear uniforms if they go to public and private school.


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