Peter Lalor

By Molly

Who is Peter Lalor?

Peter Lalor was born 5th of February 1827, in Ireland. He died on the 9th of February 1889. John Lalor was a Catholic

He was a Goldminer, The Eureka Stockade Leader and Land Agent.

Peter Lalor's Family:

Wife- Alicia Lalor

Daughter- Annie Lempriere

Son- Joseph Peter Lalor

The Eureka Stockade Facts

1) Before Peter Lalor was the Eureka Stockade leader he was a merchant at the Diggings who sold tobacco and other supplies.

2) Peter Lalor came to Australia in 1852 then went to the Ballarat Goldfields 2 years later in 1854.

3) On the 29th of November 12 000 diggers pledged to unite against the unfair laws.

4) Peter Lalor lost hid arm in the battle of the diggers and the armed military soldiers.

5) Peter Lalor's wife and daughter died a short time after the battle and Peter Lalor retired, then he died after 2 years.

Challenges & Achievements


1~ Lost an arm

2~ Finding enough money for a Miners' Licence

3~ Moving


1~ Getting Married

2~ Becoming a father

3~ Leading the Eureka Stockade

4~ Surviving the Eureka Stockade

5~ Being a merchant

6~ Moving to Australia