Darwin's 4 Postulates

By: Pablo A. Morales

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The First Postulate

There is heritable variation in every single species existing in this world. Charles Darwin argued that every single organism in the planet has some sort of derived gene but it can be sometimes hard to see due to the fact that they might be recessive or dominant. But it is clear that all organisms come from a past ancestor whether a shared or specific one; due to the First Postulate.

The Second Postulate

Every following generation (every offspring) is created with naturally more capabilities to survive in their specific ecosystem. But, as Charles Darwin argued, not all of the offspring will have those capabilities to survive. All of the offspring will have some traits from its parent but that doesn't mean that since it is an offspring it will be able to survive.

The Third Postulate

Individual reproduction and survival is not at all random. Depending on the conditions, individuals with certain phenotypes are able to reproduce and survive better. The ones best suited for those living conditions are the ones that live up to reproducing level. Charles Darwin argued something very related to "survival of the fittest" by saying that eventually the offspring will have the capabilities to survive and those that don't will not survive. This capabilities will change due to the change that may occur in the ecosystems within each certain place.

The Fourth Postulate

Even though more stronger phenotypes are represented strongly in future generations, only some of the phenotypic variants are passed to the offspring. As generations reproduce on and on, the phenotype within them that gets reproduce every time will become stronger and stronger. Charles Darwin argued that every organism we can encounter today is the newest most capable and fit for the ecosystem it lives in. This postulate proves it by saying that as generations evolve their phennotypes become "stronger" or more fit for the environment therefore the ones we see today are the latest most updated and fit ones yet.
Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution

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