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Cyber Bullying Virus

Dont give in to cyber bullying

In this day and age there is an increasing number of cyber bullying happening all over the world. Cyber bulling effects people dramatically and can be stopped.Just remember to ask yourself...

Our special day is comming

This event is once in a lifetime. It will be the best experience and you will learn so much. If you come along you will feel so enlightened. Put some effort into making the break and your life will be all for the better.

Make the break

Friday, April 10th, 9am-3pm

1 Dawson Street

Lismore, NSW

You will learn more about cyber bullying, the effects that it can have on people and how to make the break. This will be an entertaining day and a really good opportunity for you to reverse anything that you've done and make the break in your life and someone else's.